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What health professionals need to know
about competition and consumer law

Do you work in the health sector?
Then this site is for you.

This website is designed to give you a quick guide to the key elements of competition and consumer law that may apply to you and your business. We've summarised the most important information for health professionals into these six handy fact sheets.

Easy to read fact sheets

Our health series fact sheets are written for all health professionals. They are particularly relevant to those in business or practicing on their own account. Health sector managers and employees should also be aware of how competition and consumer laws apply to the sector.

Find out how much you know

We have also created a quick quiz to test your knowledge of the competition and consumer laws that apply to you. Take the test to see how much you already know or read the fact sheets first and then test yourself to see how much you remember – whatever works for you.



How competition and consumer laws apply to the health sector

Competition and consumer laws apply to you. Find out how in this great introductory fact sheet.

factsheet offering credit to patients

Offering credit to patients

Do you offer credit to patients? Find out what your obligations are under the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act.


Powerful purchasers

Do you provide services to a powerful purchaser in the sector? Find out how the Commerce Act applies to those purchasers.


Professional bodies

Are you a member, officer, or employee of a professional health body? Find out how the Commerce Act applies to you so you can work within the law.


Promoting your services

The Fair Trading Act covers anything said about a product or service, either verbally or in writing. Find out what you need to know when promoting your services.


Setting your fees

There is a lot to consider when setting your fees. Find out when and how setting your fees may raise concerns under the Commerce Act.

Please note that the information provided here is guidance only and should not be used instead of legal advice. If you are unsure about what complying with competition and consumer law looks like for your business, you should seek your own legal advice.